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what is a hybrid strain?

Hybrid (Cross breeds) are an essential cannabis strain type that live among indicas and sativas. Hybrid strains are characterized by their capacity to deliver a unique equilibrium of indica and sativa impacts.

Hybrids can be both invigorating and unwinding, contingent upon their particular strain genealogy.

Utilize Leafly’s strain explorer tools to find all the assortments of hybrid strains and their effects.

Indica vs Sativa

Hybrid strains can either be indica dominant, sativa dominant or share a 50/50 balance ratio.

Indica dominant hybrid are mostly beneficial for people who want a relaxing  and heavy high, they contain more CBD but less THC than sativa dominant hybrid strains. You should choose an indica hybrid if you want to promote muscle and mental relaxation increase appetite and dopamine production.

While on the other hand sativa dominant  hybrids are larger than indica and are mostly grown outdoor. They can reach 12 feet of height. If you are looking for a creative and energizing and alertness state.

These plants are usually grown around warm areas such as the equator of South America, Thailand etc.

This strains help in treating chronic pains due to high THC and CBD. They also help in the increase of serotonin.


Hybrids affect both the body and mind;

Body Dominant: Relaxing, Sedating, Treats Accute Pain, Reduce Nausea, Muscle Relaxant, Increase Dopamine, Stimulate Appetite.
Mind Dominant: Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Depresant, Activating, Uplifting, Increase Alertness, Increase Energy, Enhance Creativity.

Hybrid Strains

Kush Mints


Hybrid Strains

Platinum Kush

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